2015 Fennville Pinot Noir - La Esperanza Vineyard 750ml

2015 Fennville Pinot Noir - La Esperanza Vineyard 750ml

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The Vintage and Vineyard

2015 was the second “Polar Vortex” vintage where winter temperatures in January and February dipped down to minus 15 degrees.    The La Esperanza Vineyard is located in Glenn, just south of Saugatuck in the Fennville AVA, and a mere two miles from Lake Michigan.  This proximity to the Lake protected the hardy Pinot Noir vines and allowed for a small harvest of ripe grapes after a near perfect growing season.   The stony loam clay soils of La Esperanza produce a very elegant and charming style of Pinot Noir that reminds me of Volnay.

The Wine

The grapes were destemmed and lightly crushed and given a three day maceration a froid to stabilize color and increase aromatics.  The fermentation was long and cool, never rising above 75 degrees.  This allowed only the softer tannins to be extracted from the skins, in keeping with the elegant style this vineyard naturally produces. 

The aromatics of the wine are full of red pie cherry, red currant and pomegranates with an overlay of tea and spices.  The palate mimics the nose with a silky middle, then crescendos into the finish with the tannins still giving a warm grip.   The wine is drinking well and will hold and improve over the next five years.  

Food Pairings

This Pinot Noir is meant for grilled duck breast.   It also pairs well with roasted root vegetables, lentil dishes, and anything with savory mushrooms in it.   Try it with the dark meat of Thanksgiving Day turkey.