2019 Fall Newsletter

Closing out the summer of 2019.

A cool, wet spring slowed the vineyard's awakening and growth cycle this year, leaving us a couple of weeks behind the normal advancement we expect to see in the ripening grapes.  Summer is sending us off into Fall with yet more showers, completing the circle.


Harvest Approaches

Farming is not for wimps! There's just a smattering of days before we hope to begin the harvest of what the doves, racoons & turkeys have generously left for us. We'll start with the Pinot Noir at the LePage Estate Vineyards on the first weekend in October and by the look of things, will probably finish with the Bordeaux varietals just before they're dusted with snow.

The Autumnal Equinox, which passed by us a few days ago, is one of two moments in the year when day and night are in perfect balance. Thereafter, ...the days are shorter, the nights are stronger, as the song goes. Here in the vineyards we're trying to hold onto those waning days hoping for just a little more warm, ripening sun and a little less cold cloudiness before winter closes in.


Michigan Pinot Noir History

Production from the Pinot Noir grape vines began in Michigan in the late 1970’s but were primarily focused on white wines.  Named for its color and tightly clustered, pinecone-shaped bunches of fruit, Pinot Noir grapes are of the species vitis vinifera and chiefly associated with the Burgundy region of France, though now grown worldwide. Pinot Noir performs best in cooler climates. Today, Pinot Noir grapes are among the most widely planted red vinifera variety in Michigan and are used to make both red wines and sparkling whites.

I made the first red Pinot Noir for sale in Michigan in 1987 under the Madron Lake label. We now have five separate blocks planted with Pinot Noir grapes in our Avonlea and LePage Estate vineyards and are proud to offer the wines under both our Wyncroft and Marland labels.


Plate and Glass

Fully enjoying the wine in your glass is often directly related to what's on your plate.  Here's a few food pairing tips, (recipes included), for a glass of this letter's featured wine; Pinot Noir.

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